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This is what we’ve been up to lately. Mostly we’ve been out and about doing the family thing and recording it on video.


Trentham Falls, Victoria, Australia

Trentham Falls is one of Victoria’s most spectacular waterfalls and boasts Victoria’s highest single drop of around 32 metres. The waterfall is only a couple of kilometres out of Trentham in the Coliban Scenic Reserve between Daylesford and the the Macedon Ranges and about an hour’s drive from Melbourne.

The top viewing platform is only 70 metres from the car park and the scenic picnic reserve. The walk down to the lower falls is officially closed however you may see a constant stream of walkers heading down to the what is arguably the best view of the waterfall. The cooler months are probably the best time to visit because the Coliban river will probably have a constant flow that will showcase he best cascade over the falls. It can dry up a bit in the summer.

This is an easy accessible waterfalls for families with small kids. However the path to the lower falls is not maintained and is prone to landslips so if you do risk it take care.


Olinda Falls, Victoria, Australia

Olinda Falls in the Dandenong Ranges is about one hour's drive from Melbourne. Wonderful for a family day trip from Melbourne. The falls are a short shady walk under the cool rain forest canopy.

It is an easy 800 metre walk for families with small children. It is a beautiful green walk to the falls but, let's face it, they're not the most spectacular falls in the world. Iguazu should feel pretty safe with its mantle as one of the world's most scenic falls. Even Turpins Falls, check out our previous video, north of Melbourne makes this one look little more than a splash and trickle.

However as a destination for a bush walk and to get a taste of the great Aussie bush it is a day well spent. Because of its accessibility from Melbourne the lower reaches of the Dandenong Ranges National Park can overflow with visitors so just keep driving for a few minutes more to get to the Olinda Falls reserve. It won't be anywhere near as crowded and you will be rewarded with seeing some of the largest trees in the world - the mountain ash.


Turpins Falls, Victoria, Australia

Turpins Falls is a waterfall on the Campaspe River about an hour north of Melbourne; about 10 kays from Kyneton. The waterfall flows into a secluded pretty billabong that seems brilliant for swimming. In the summertime it can be packed with swimmers, however Parks Vic don't recommend swimming here because of the "cold water". I don't know what the hell that means. Many people have been killed or seriously injured falling or jumping from the rocks though. I suspect that is the real reason they don't recommend swimming. In fact the top of the falls is supposed to be closed but that doesn't seem to stop anybody clambering up there.

It is a perfect place to take the family for a picnic though. You're allowed to take dogs there because it is a public reserve and not a National Park.

There are dozens of waterfalls within an hour or two of Melbourne. Turpins Falls in one of the most accessible and is an easy day trip from Melbourne. If you're looking for a family day out Turpins Falls isn't bad.

We visited on a beautiful Winter's day in July. This video is the result. Please enjoy. 


A Family Day out in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

What can a average family do on a laid back day out in Melbourne?

This is our first family vlog and this is what we did...
Catch a train.
Eat Korean BBQ with friends.
Stroll along the Yarra River.
Get gelato.
Have coffee.
You can't Melbourne much more than that.